How to choose the right snowsuit

Do you think it’s hard to choose the right snowsuit for your child? A lot of the snowsuits are similar so what is the difference? And what is the best for your child?

Here is a mini guide with 8 great tips for you:

1. What is your child’s need?

Start by thinking of what kind of outerwear your girl or boy had last winter. Did this work and was your kid satisfied with it? Use last year’s experiences when you buy new outerwear for this winter.

In addition, it is important to consider the needs that the snowsuit must fill for the child. Children play a lot outside. They are sitting still, playing with a high pulse and jumping in water puddles. We recommend that you examine whether the snowsuits you are considering to buy are warm, hardwearing and waterproof.

2. Can the child put on the snowsuit without your help?

Choose a snowsuit your child easily can put on and take off without your help. Make sure he or she can manage the zippers, Velcro closures and push buttons. If the lining is smooth it is a lot easier for your child to put on the coverall.

We have mounted an extra long zipper in all LEGO® Tec snowsuit for toddlers. Making sure that the snowsuit is easy to put on.

3. Is the snowsuit waterproof?

The snowsuit is supposed to keep your child warm and dry all autumn and winter. Therefore it is a good idea to check the water column of the suits. It is crucial that all seams are taped with a special tape to prevent water to enter. Thus check the water column of the snowsuit. Whether all seams are taped or if it is only critical seams.

All LEGO® Tec snowsuits are made of a 8 - 15,000mm water column material. On most of the snowsuits are all seams are taped with a special tape assuring the snowsuit to be waterproof.

4. Does the snowsuit keep your child warm?

It is important that the snowsuit is windproof to keep your child warm. Wind plackets over or under the zipper as well as storm cuffs or elastics at the sleeve or leg opening will prevent the wind to penetrate.

When children run and play outside they often become hot. If the child cannot get rid of the excess body heat he or she will be cold and risk catching a cold. Thus it is very important to buy a snowsuit that is breathable.

5. Is the snowsuit play proof?

Your child’s new snowsuit should be able to last the entire season. If your boy or girl is very active outside you should choose an extra hardwearing snowsuit. Children play outside for many hours at the playground and in the nature so the suit should withstand extra abrasion.

6. What does the safety mean to you?

If you want the safety to be first class you should avoid strings in the hood and the neck area. These can be very dangerous if the child is stuck in a tree, at the playground or the like.
Choose instead a snowsuit with a detachable hood mounted on a push-button band so the hood will release if it gets stuck.
Furthermore it is always a great idea to buy a snowsuit with reflectors in regards to the traffic safety.

As an extra safety detail all LEGO® Tec snowsuits have a safety break-away buckle on the sleeves where our gloves can be fastened. The buckle will release the gloves when gloves are pulled reducing the risk of accidents.

7. How do you choose the right size?

It is vital that your child can move freely during all sorts of outdoor activities. This is achieved by a soft and comfortable snowsuit with a good fit.
An elastic band at the back or an adjustable waist in the suit can be an advantage for the child. It is important that the snowsuit is neither too big nor too small but it fits your child perfectly.

If you are in doubt about which size your child should have you can > click here to see our size guide for snowsuits

8. Can the snowsuit be tumble-dried?

Last but not least it is useful that the snowsuit can be washed and tumble-dried. It is certainly the most convenient in a busy everyday life so the outerwear can be ready again for outdoor activities the next day.

All LEGO® Tec snowsuits can be tumble dried.

>See our care instructions here

At LEGO® Wear we design the LEGO® Tec outerwear on the basis of active girls and boys who love to play outside even though it’s cold, raining or snowing.

We are very conscious about the quality of the materials and the safety details are in top. So the question is: Which model and colour do you choose?

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